Modern take on a timber farmhouse in Lithuania

This lakeside retreat, in northern Lithuania, can be completely transformed from a gable barn into a light-filled haven using hefty wooden shutters, helping it blend in with the areas farmhouses and natural woodland.  

The home, built for a family of four, is inspired by emblematic rural properties; the main building faces a small outhouse on the edge of the lake, set amid a no-frills garden. The outhouse takes on both the traditional function of stables and storing fire wood for the winter months, and a modern sauna. 

Built in a vernacular style, similar to local architecture that relies heavily on the abundance of timber, the structure features a slanted barn-like roof and a straightforward rectangular shape. Timber cladding covers the building to complement the forest surroundings.

The build is intended to be used as a holiday home in the summer months, giving its signature wooden shutters a use beyond bringing in the sunshine – incorporated into the cladding, the shutters can be pulled in so the house appears as a completely closed square box.

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